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What is Hermes?

Hermes is an enterprise application integration (EAI) unlike any other: a next generation engine which evolves and adapts itself by using powerful state-of-the-​​art algorithms, enabling various systems to communicate. Hermes, as a universal EAI, ​natively supports many standards (SAP iDocs, Webservices, ODATA, flat files...) as well as non-standard protocols.

Hermes guarantees reliable data integration across your systems landscape and lets you achieve your current business processes easily.

  • No change to your business processes​
  • No training required
  • No infrastructure cost
  • Seamless integration​

Hermes on the leading edge of EAI technology

The fundamentals of Hermes are unique.

Most EAIs require adaptations on the source and/or target systems in order to function properly. These adaptations impact your business processes. This is not the case with Hermes. Hermes adapts to your existing systems and to your existing business processes. It ensures a transparent integration for your users and operations.

Thanks to its powerful and scalable core, Hermes allows our clients to interface any system to any other system, irrespective of the technology used.

The transformations engine, at the heart of Hermes, benefits from our exclusive meta programming algorithms. From single point to point interfaces, to complex structures with hundreds of connectors, all your requirements become achievable without any limit.

As a universal EAI, a wide variety of source and target systems are supported.​

Non exhaustive list of Native built-in applications:

  • SAP on-premise
  • SAP iDocs Messages
  • Successfactors
  • Badging System
  • Mobile Device
  • Data Conversion
  • LDAP / Active Directory
  • Microsoft Excel / CSV / XML
  • Specific file format
  • SFTP / FTP
  • oData
  • WebService
  • REST
  • Flat file

​Note that even custom-based client solutions can be easily implemented via Hermes.​

Security and Confidentiality - Our primary Objective

Our priority is to keep our clients' data safe and secure at all time. In order to ensure that the systems and data remain continuously secure, we follow best practices in terms of security and confidentiality: access control to buildings, network monitoring, anti-hacking measures, etc. Security scans are run on a regular basis to proof-test all components of Hermes

High Availability Infrastructure and reliability of the solution

Backup and failover processing guarantees the service to remain continuously operational. All software components are well-designed and thoroughly tested before they are used. Each hardware component of Hermes has a clone spare server that can immediately replace the original when required. As a result, uninterrupted system availability is guaranteed.


Data centers hosting our solution are certified and compliant with international standards

  • Certified ISO 27001:2005 for providing and operating dedicated cloud computing infrastructures.

  • ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes.

  • SOC 1 and 2 type II certifications which certifies the security level for Dedicated Cloud​​​.

Business cases realized with Hermes​

Heterogeneous International Systems Integration

From a complex multi-system and multi-actor environment, our client was able to simplify its processes and drastically reduce manual data maintenance, thanks to Hermes’ robust integration capabilities​.

Webservices, IDOCs, JMS, flat files … Hermes integrates them all, and harmonizes data with regards to priorities, system by system and data element by data element.

Badging Interface​s

Our client needed integration of HR clocking data coming from several badging systems in different countries into one on-premise SAP system in order for the payroll system to run time and payroll calculations based on actual times.

The badging systems already had their own different interface formats and protocols, and so did the target SAP system. The requirement was to integrate all systems without changing anything on either side.

Thanks to the powerful transformations engine in Hermes and to its universal connectors, this was achieved easily and quickly. The implementation took less than a month, from start to finish. Without the utilization of Hermes as the integration solution, such an implementation would have taken more than 3 months.

Data Conversion​

Our client deployed Workday as its central International Human Resources system. To achieve this goal, data from the heterogeneous legacy systems in different countries (SAP, X500 directory, talentsoft​, flat files, etc) had to be extracted and adapted to the format expected by Workday.

Since Hermes can consolidate and process data from multiple systems and then merge into a single flow, it was the perfect solution for this context. Thanks to Hermes integration solution, the technical complexity of this implementation could be forgotten. Focus could then be placed on the business rules and transformations, which enabled our client to gain time and cost.

Hermes generated the files expected by Workday, giving the "Go" signal for the project go-live.

SAP Successfactors to ADP Global View Interface​

SAP Successfactors Employee Central is the source system, containing Human Resources master data. The target system is ADP GlobalView, used to calculate payroll.

The initial situation:

  • Double data entry was required in both SAP Successfactors and in ADP GlobalView to allow for payroll calculation

  • Time consuming

  • Costly resources required

  • Possible data entry errors resulting in issues in payroll

With Hermes:

  • Data is maintained only in SAP Successfactors, Hermes integrates the data in ADP GlobalView

  • Single data entry

  • No change in the business processes (transparent for the user)

  • End-to-end data integrity guaranteed

  • Payroll runs perfectly

The complexity in this case came from the fact that the target system ADP GlobalView must receive data updates only if there is an impact on payroll, and no unnecessary updates must be sent. At the same time, the existing business processes must not change. The overall solution must be totally transparent to the user doing the data entry in SAP Successfactors.

Thanks to Hermes' built-in data comparison engine, this complexity is already handled natively. Therefore, only basic transformation rules had to be implemented.

As a result, our customer saved both time and cost :

  • The entire project took 1 and a half month, compared to up to a year for comparable interfaces without Hermes.

  • Our client saved more than 70% of the cost compared to comparable interfaces without Hermes.

  • The quality of the solution is without comparison.​

Use case with Hermes​

Database migration

One of the biggest challenges when your IT changes its solutions is that the historical data stored in the legacy systems is precious, but it’s structured differently from how it is in the new system. Extracting this data, transforming it into the structure of the new system is challenging. But easy for Hermes.

Simply indicate the correspondences between the legacy database and the new one, and Hermes will automatically adapt the structure of the data.

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