Axiame Accelerator

Simplifying interfaces between SAP HCM and ADP GlobalView

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What is Axiame GX ?

Axiame GX is an accelerator that simplifies and speeds up the implementation of interfaces between SAP HCM and ADP GlobalView. It consists of:
  • An outbound interface engine from SAP that supports the ADP GlobalView standard "G2" format
  • An inbound interface engine, based on a format called G3 that is compliant with the ADP standards of coding

Axiame GX was developped based on the following rationale:
  • The G2 interface can not be implemented using the standard SAP distribution model. It is very complex, and therefore takes a long time to be implemented and tested. Moreover, its reliability is often an issue.
  • ADP GlobalView does not provide any standard outbound interface that allows data synchronization between ADP GV and SAP HCM.

Save time

From our experience, interfaces with ADP GlobalView are often the cause of delays on projects. This is mainly due to an under-estimated complexity and an insufficient knowledge of the ADP GlobalView G2 format and rules. With Axiame GX Accelerator, a full implementation of an interface for one country (design, build and testing included) can be completed within 2 months, compared to up to 4 months (sometimes even more) for from-scratch implementations.

Save cost

By drastically reducing the complexity of the implementation, Axiame GX allows for a solid build and testing with a minimum of resources, during a limited period of time. The cost compared to a from-scratch implementation can easily be divided by 2, even when relying on offshore teams.


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